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  • What is Coastal Canine's Training Philosophy?
    At Coastal Canine we take pride in being Certified & Educated Behaviour Consultants. We use Science Based Humane Training which means we follow the most up to date Applied Behaviour Science Methods. Our Trainers spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on ongoing continuing education to maintain our Certifications as well as bring the most up to date techniques to our clients. The Dog Training Industry is unregulated, meaning anyone can sell you 'dog training' claiming to be a 'professional.' Please see our instagram post on picking a dog trainer for more information on red flags/what to look for to avoid harm to your dog and to get the best value for your time & money.
  • What ages of dogs do you take?
    Puppy Socials: 9weeks-16weeks Mind Your Manners Classes: 9weeks-7months Mind Your Manners Level 2 or Walk in the Park Classes: Any Age (must complete first level MYM prior) K9 Nose Work Classes: Any ages Reactivity Private Trianing: Any ages Adolescent Private Training: 7months+ Puppy Private Training: 8weeks-7months
  • What type of Training is best for my Puppy (8weeks-7months)?
    If you have a puppy under the age of 7months you have the option of Group Classes or Private Training. This will depend on your schedule as well as goals. Our Mind Your Manners Puppy Group Class covers obedience, listening skills & engagment such as recall, stays, loose leash skills and more. Don't forget the importance of Puppy Socials for puppies 9-16weeks. People taking either Mind Your Manners Group Class or Private Training are welcomed and encouraged to participate during this critical social period. Private Training is for people with more limited schedules or more specific goals. If you are dealing with (but not limited to) house training issues, crate training, excessive mouthing, fearful behaviour etc. Private Training is more likely to suit your goals better.
  • Where are your Group Classes located?
    Indoor Group Classes (Mind Your Manners & K9 Nose Work) are held at Leash Loft Daycare in Coquitlam. Walk in the Park or Level 4 Nose Work can be held out and about in the Tri-Cities.
  • How long are Group Classes?
    Most Group Classes are 1hr in length. Mind Your Manners runs 5 weeks & Nose Work runs 6 weeks typically. All dates for these classes will be provided when you choose the start date to sign up for. Please insure you pay attention to any skipped dates.
  • What Training Equipment do you allow in Group Class?
    Permitted (Allowed) Equipment: Front Clip or Back Clip Harnesses, Flat Collars, Martingale Collars, Head Haltis. Leather or Nylon 5-6foot leash. Prohibited (NOT Allowed) Equipment: Any aversive equipment; choke chains, slip leads/collars, prong collars, pinch collars, electronic shock collars. Flexi or Extenda-leashes. Chain Leashes.
  • How many dogs do you take in Group Classes?
    We keep our class sizes small to make sure for the best learning for humans as well as canines. It allows for more personalized time with your Trainer. Mind Your Manners: 4 Dogs Puppy Socials: 6 Dogs Walk in the Park: 5 Dogs K9 Nose Work: 4 Dogs
  • How will I know what to bring to Group Class?
    All information for your Group Classes are sent out via email 96hrs prior to class start. Please ensure you read all tip sheets & mandatory requirements. Please check your junk mail if you do not see this email. You will also get a 24hr reminder before every scheduled booking date.
  • How many people can come to Group Class?
    Currently we are allowing two handlers per dog in Group Classes. We ask that you keep children under the age of 7 at home during Group Class Training if possible. We do require masks indoors at the moment.
  • What Vaccines does my dog need for Group Classes:
    Puppy Socials: Relevant Vaccines for age, example: 9 weeks old should have their first set. 16 weeks should typically have the third set. Mind Your Manners, Walk in the Park & K9 Nose Work: All relevant Vaccines for age inlcuding Rabies. Bordatella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine is not required. We do accept Titer Tests in lieu of Vaccines.
  • Is it safe to bring a puppy to Group Class before fully Vaccinated?
    Please see the AVSAB position statement on risk vs. reward: Pre Vac Puppy Socialization:
  • What are your Group Class Cancellation Policies?
    Group Class Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received 14 days prior to class start or more can receive a full refund minus a $5 Admin Transaction Fee. All cancellations must be submitted via direct email at Group class cancellations within 14 days of class start are not eligible for a refund. Credit towards other bookings may be extended dependent on review. If a puppy or dog falls ill during a group class they will need to be symptom free (and possibly vet cleared) before returning. We encourage the human handlers to attend and carry on their exercises at home if appropriate. We do not offer refunds or make up classes for sudden illness but will work with our clients to provide support & homework.
  • What are your Covid, Weather or Instructor Rebooking Polices for Group Classes?
    As we are in an unpredictable health climate, any group class may be moved to a Zoom class for the week if the instructor has any symptoms of illness or has tested positive for Covid but feels well enough to teach class. Zoom classes are an effective & efficient way to learn and will still provide you all of the content and opportunity with your instructor to be coached 1 on 1. There will be no refunds available for in person classes moved to Zoom for 1 week (1 class). As our weather becomes more volatile an instructor may chose to move a single week of class to Zoom if the temperature is going to be over 31 degrees. There will be no refunds available for in person classes moved to Zoom for 1 week (1 class). This choice will be based on safety for clients & dogs.
  • Where is Private Training located?
    Private Training initial sessions are held virtually. A Virtual Session is the best way to get the human side of training started. It's a more time efficient way to do a 'in home' session without having distractions or having to charge clients travel time. This gives our clients more time options to get started sooner, greater coverage of content as well as more cost effective. "Out & About" Follow up Private Sessions are held in person at a public park of the Trainers choice in the Tri-Cities (Port Moody, Coquitlam or Poco) relevent to training needs.
  • For Private Training do I have to do a Virtual Session to start?
    Private Training initial sessions are held virtually. This is a mandatory start to any Private Session Package. A Virtual Session is the best way to get the human side of training started. It's a more time efficient way to do a 'in home' session without having distractions or having to charge clients travel time. This gives our clients more time options to get started sooner, greater coverage of content as well as more cost effective. Follow up sessions are in person "Out & About" in the Tri-Cities at a location of your Trainers choice relevant to goals.
  • What are your Private Session Cancellation Policies?
    Private Session Cancellation Policy: Cancellations of a fully unused Private Session Package, scheduled or not (must be over 7 Days from first booked appointment) is eligible for a full refund less a $5 Admin Fee. Request to cancel or rebook must be received by email directly to Cancellations received 7 Days - 48 Hrs or more prior to scheduled booking are eligible for a reschedule and not eligible for a refund. Private session packages are not eligible for a refund once partially completed. Any unused time will be held on account for 1year for use then will expire. Cancellations within 48hrs of a scheduled booking are not eligible for reschedule for the time slot amount booked. No shows for booked & confirmed private sessions will be deducted the full amount of time booked that slot out of their package. Late arrivals will not be given extra time outside of the booked time. Please insure you have enough time to locate areas & parking prior to in person sessions. Virtual session 'No Shows' will be given 15 minutes to log on (be late) then the Trainer will move on to other tasks, allowing this client to retain unused time for later. 15 minutes will be deducted from the package allotted time. Trainers will reach out to the client via email notifying them. Private sessions may be rescheduled if the temperature for the day will be reaching 29 degrees or above for the safety of our Trainers, clients & canine friends.
  • Is there outdoor weather cancellations for Group Classess and Private Sessions?
    Cancellations for weather are decided by your Trainer. We do not cancel for rain very often as it is a normal part of living in the lower mainland and happens often! We may cancel for extreme heat or air quality concerns in the summer if the class or session is in the daytime and temperatures will be over 29 degrees. This is for not only the safety of the clients and dogs but our Trainers that will be out in the elements for extended periods of time.
  • How much is Training?
    Training prices all vary on topic, age & time booked. All of our Private Training Package prices & Group Class prices are avaibale on our website or on below links: Private Training: Group Classes:
  • What does a "Free Day" at Leash Loft's Puppy Pre-K mean?"
    The 'Free day' at Puppy Pre-K at Leash Loft Daycare' is a complimentary service for our clients that book any Puppy Package - extended from the Daycare. This is ONLY valid for new clients with Leash Loft Daycare. Leash Loft Daycare has the right to refuse to honour this 'Free day' if this service is not appropriate for the dog/client. This 'Free day' retains no cash value use if not appropriate for age, temperament or booking dates of client.
  • How do I sign up for Training?
    Everything you need to sign up for a Group Class or Private Training is available on this website. Please go to the relevant pages to see full information to ensure the class is right for you. Direct link for Group Classes: Direct link for Private Sessions: Certified Educated Trainers often book in advance, it is best to secure your dates as soon as possible. Please read all policies first.
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