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Group Classes

Mind Your Manners group class is designed for dogs that are starting their path to the basics of obedience, impulse control and manners! Perfect for new puppies up to 7months. Mind Your Manners Topics will include: Jumping, Walking Manners, Place Work, Recall ("Come"), Basic Obedience (Leave-it, Stay, Sit, Down, Stand, Focus, Drop It, Come) Distraction & Impulse Control Skills. Class sizes are kept small for individual attention & safety. Mind Your Manners ages 9weeks-7months welcome. 

Mind Your Manners - 5 Sessions, 1hr/Week - 4 Dogs Max - Age 9 weeks - 7months. Class dates & booking at the bottom of this page.

Location: Leash Loft Daycare in Coquitlam


Mind Your Manners Level 2 - The Next Step! - 4 Sessions, 1hr/Week - 4 Dogs Max - No age limit, must complete Mind Your Manners (Level 1) as a prerequisite

Location: Leash Loft Daycare in Coquitlam

Our Puppy Socials are designed to provide structured and fun socialization to people, objects, grooming & other dogs. Do you ever wonder if your puppies play is appropriate? These sessions will include dissection of off leash play time and how to guide your young dog to do more desirable behaviours - it is also just plain fun!  At the end of the hour we have puppy related topics & socialization exercises! Groups will be divided based on size/energy/age for the most positive experience possible for all. For toy breeds we cannot guarntee appropriate play mate sizes each class but will keep the puppy comfortable & safe learning in their own space if required. 

Puppy Social: Only for puppies 9 weeks-16 weeks, proof of birthdate may be requested. 

Click here to learn more about early socialization 


Puppy Socials - Minimum booking of 2 Sessions, 45min each - 6 Puppies Max

Minimum purchase of 2 classes (though we recommend 3 or more prior to 16 weeks) 

Location: Leash Loft Daycare in Coquitlam 

Click here to book!

Please see below for a FULL Class list and direct links to register for your spot!To view extend list please choose "More Times" at bottom right of the list. If you have any further questions please email us at 

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