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private training for reactivty, fear or aggression 

For any sort of Dog Reactivity, Fear or Aggression we have a 3hr Custom Training Package split into 4 sessions. The initial session is a 1.5hr Virtual Session to prep the humans on the training plan and education. 

Training will be continued in 3 - 30min follow up sessions out and about/location in the Tri-cities. 


This package is $380 plus gst. and includes: 

3hrs of Custom Training with our Senior Trainer Specialized in Dog Aggression, Fear & Dog Reactivity 

Training Notes/Tip Sheets/Video References 


The first two sessions should be booked 1 week apart with the following 2 with 2-3 week gaps if possible.  We do book in advance especially for weekend spots so after package purchase be sure to click ‘schedule’ to setup all of your preferred dates. As Karen specializes in these topics booking all of your sessions right away when your package is purchase is important as we can book months ahead of time.

There is no ‘cure’ for dog aggression, a great goal to have is to reduce the risks and frequency of these occurrences by increasing the confidence/understanding of the dog along with the handlers awareness of management and dog behaviour. For Dog Reactivity our goal is to make your walks enjoyable again for both the human & dog! 

Reactivity or Aggression Private Session Package:  

4 Private Sessions including a 1.5 Hr initial behaviour consult

followed by 3 / 30 minute follow up sessions out and about $380 plus gst.

Reactivity Package

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